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How the alcohol is taken out :
The method for removing alcohol was patented more than a century ago. Conventionally vinified wines are chilled to -30°C without deteriorating; wines thus treated maintain all their quality as well as a fruity taste and a slight pétillance.
Key figures

Nutritional values per 100 ml : 38 kj -
Proteines : 0 g
Carbohydrate : 4,3 g
Fat content : 0 g
Calories : 38 kj/liter means 5,6 kj per 15 cl glass
Alcohol content : 0,3 % (a wine with 0 % may also be produced for special needs or markets)
Available as white, rosé, red or sparkling wine.

Today, there is widespread pressure to keep our blood-alcohol levels down and we are all aware of the stake in terms of heath. La Côte de Vincent is the answer for all those who appreciate the pleasure of drinking wine; it offers a new way of living, free from the risks of alcohol.

La Côte de Vincent is mainly produced from grapes from the Rhine and Moselle regions: Riesling for the white, Cinsault or Shiraz for the rosé; and for the red, Merlot, Grenache and Carignan, carefully sourced in France. It represents a French cultural revolution, preserving the benefits of wine in the form of a new kind of drink already recognised by our European neighbours.

La Côte de Vincent will appeal strongly to a wide range of customers: businessmen and women who need to keep their wits about them, sportsmen and women, dieters, drivers, people with health problems.

Indeed, anyone who prefers not to drink alcohol can be reconciled with this product of the vine. It finds its place in restaurants and delicatessens, in discothèques as well as fitness clubs, motorway service areas, work canteens and so on. It has already been tried by several restaurants in Alsace to the delight of owners and diners alike. This is the case, for example, at the Pépinière in Woerth, where proprietor Alain Fuchs has not served alcohol since 1946.

Signatures d’Alsace is on a mission to give this refreshing the fame it deserves and leader in a market full of potential.
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