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How the alcohol is taken out :
The method for removing alcohol was patented more than a century ago. Conventionally vinified wines are chilled to -30°C without deteriorating; wines thus treated maintain all their quality as well as a fruity taste and a slight pétillance.
Key figures

Nutritional values per 100 ml : 38 kj -
Proteines : 0 g
Carbohydrate : 4,3 g
Fat content : 0 g
Calories : 38 kj/liter means 5,6 kj per 15 cl glass
Alcohol content : 0,3 % (a wine with 0 % may also be produced for special needs or markets)
Available as white, rosé, red or sparkling wine.

Vin désalcoolisé
Red of Vincent - 0.3% Alc/fl in 75 cl
Composition :
Type of vine 100% Merlot
In our contemporary history, it is a true evolution not to say Révolution in making of a Wine without Alcohol Prestigious. Harmonious, delicate, astringent, tannic, are the Masters words of the Red of Vincent, single and without equivalent. It corresponds to the idea that one is done of this type of vine in a beautiful origin. Garnet-red color. The bouquet is light, elegant and smoked, the tannins are firm and granulous. A bright, smart and delicate wine which is not without pointing out the elegance of certain alcoholic wines. The appearance of well coated tannins brings a fleshy wine, structured and with a depth in mouth. Flavours of tobacco, blackcurrant, thyme and oak.

To be used for ambient temperature 18°

To discover on red meats, pigeons roasts with bays, supreme of grouse on settee to black mushrooms, a roast of hind in morel creaming, Foie gras with Figs and cheeses Camembert cheese type. To be used preferably in glass for Burgundy.

Card-index produces:
Capacity: 750 ml and 250 ml Bottle out of glass of the screw Rhine-capsule
Nutritional value for 100ml: Red wine desalcoolized 0.3% Alc/Flight.
Proteins 0g
Glucids 4.6g
Lipids 0g 28 kcal and 120 kj
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