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How the alcohol is taken out :
The method for removing alcohol was patented more than a century ago. Conventionally vinified wines are chilled to -30°C without deteriorating; wines thus treated maintain all their quality as well as a fruity taste and a slight pétillance.
Key figures

Nutritional values per 100 ml : 38 kj -
Proteines : 0 g
Carbohydrate : 4,3 g
Fat content : 0 g
Calories : 38 kj/liter means 5,6 kj per 15 cl glass
Alcohol content : 0,3 % (a wine with 0 % may also be produced for special needs or markets)
Available as white, rosé, red or sparkling wine.

Vin désalcoolisé
The Coast of Sparkling Vincent - 0.3% Alc/Fl in 75 cl
Composition :
: Type of vine Riesling assembly and Ryvaner
The type of vines are selected for their qualities of the flavours delicately fruity. Produced starting from the type of vines Riesling and Ryvaner, alcohol is gently eliminated cold. This simple method is used for the sparkling wine or desalcoolized semi-sparkling wine, by CO2 addition, thus maintaining the level of quality of the desalcoolized wine, offering beautiful bubbles, a vinous final. The result is festive, convivial and gastronomical happiness by all the professionals with the listening of these new drinks containing wines. Effervescent, homogeneous and small bubbles, a citrus fruits nose And a mouth very scented with the English candy flavours, nuances of roasted citrus fruits skins integrated well into acidity. Vinous finale and suave fraiche. A pure pleasure of the delicate palate and charmer.

To serve Very Fresh 8/10° C
Aperitifs, Banquets, desserts.

Card-index produces: Capacity: 750 ml and 200 ml
Champagne bottle
Nutritional value for 100ml: Sparkling wine desalcoolized 0.3% Alc/Flight.
Proteins 0g
Glucids 4.6g
Lipids 0g 28 kcal and 120 kj.
Etiquette vin sans alcool
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