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*The No. 1 in alcohol-free wine, using a process dating from 1908*

Discover the best in non-alcoholic wine: la Côte de Vincent. People often talk about wine without alcohol or alcohol-free wine, the proper term is “a drink based on alcohol-free wine”. Soon we intend to offer alcohol-free wine in halal and kosher versions. A glass of alcohol-free wine - for example the Merlot - is a friend to your health.

Where to find La Côte de Vincent alcohol-free wine? Either by ordering direct on our website (Click on “Become a retailer and to order”), or from any of the high-quality wine-merchants who distribute our products. Ask for the list of stockists by emailing

We are represented in many countries, including Canada, Germany, Libya, Polynesia, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Further information
De-alcoholised wine is obtained by separating out the alcohol at low pressure and low temperature .
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